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経歴 Biography of H&M TATTOO Studios

1990年にTATTOO スタジオ
H&M's Tattooスタジオ オープン
H&M TATTOO Studio was established in 1990.  Since then, we have opened the following studios:
H&M's TATTOO 原宿スタジオ H&M TATTOO Harajuku Studio
H&M's TATTOO 上野スタジオ H&M TATTOO Ueno Studio
H&M's TATTOO 下北沢スタジオ H&M TATTOO Shimokitazawa Studio
H&M's TATTOO R16千葉スタジオ H&M TATTOO R16 Chiba Studio
H&M's TATTOO R6柏スタジオ H&M TATTOO R6 Kashiwa Studio



Currently, we have 3 shops in Tokyo, 2 in Chiba.  We are the main studio in Ueno.


Since opening our studio, we have also been active providing tattoos (body painting) for TV and film productions.  We have worked on numerous productions.


参加作品は、HOME のページよりご覧ください

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